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About us

Idara E. Bassey, Esq. is “Your Partner in Creating a Lawyer Life You Love.” She has been a Personal Advisor to corporate professionals from various industries and been retained by legal professionals nationwide on matters of executive performance, personal growth, values alignment, stress reduction and wellness since 2002.

She earned a J.D. and an LL.M in Public International Law from the University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, GA where she was named a Ford Foundation Fellow.

With a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Counseling from the world-renowned University of Sedona in addition to her legal training, she conducted original experiential research on meshing spiritual values and inquiry in corporate environments after serving as an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching survey courses in International Legal Transactions, Business Law and Business Ethics.

Her expertise has translated into well-received Atlanta-area CLE trainings on the cultivation and leveraging of intuition to improve personal well-being, lawyering and to enhance their problem-solving skills. She has published extensively in the self-help/spirituality genre over the past 20+ years. The award-winning essay collection Reflections of a Mystical Sistah (iUniverse Publishing) encompasses her own story of creating a lawyer life she loves.

Contributing Writer

More recently she served as a Contributing Writer to the best-selling American Bar Association book, “Lawyers as Changemakers” deemed to be the consummate guide to innovative approaches and skills for the 21st century lawyer in the burgeoning global Integrative Law Movement.